"With 25+ years of business development experience, the main role I’ve played is that of the Integrator…bringing the wild ideas of a Visionary leader down to the ground and harmoniously orchestrating the team to turn them into results." - Kim Coots


Serving as an Integrator for almost 20 years and a previous EOS® Implementor, what I’ve found is that most Visionary entrepreneurs are frustrated that they’re not achieving their vision fast enough and they feel stuck.

If this is you:

  • You’re a Visionary who's bogged down or frustrated with handling day-to-day tasks that you don’t enjoy. 
  • You're attempting to self-implement EOS® without an Integrator.
  • You/your leadership team is sitting in multiple seats trying to cover all the key areas and there's a lack of accountability.
  • Your leadership team doesn't have an Integrator yet, and you're not sure that you're ready to bring one on full-time.
  • You're seeking a new Integrator but need interim support (and maybe even help vetting/interviewing potential candidates).
  • Your EOS Implementor helped you identify that you're ready for an Integrator and you want to take your time finding the right fit (promoting from your current team or recruiting one).

Then a Fractional Integrator may be your next best step. Tell me a little about you, or email directly at [email protected], and I'll reach out to schedule a time we can connect:


“I’ve had the pleasure knowing Kimberly for over 25 years, and her knack for business development is amazing. She is a “connection” expert – connecting people, services, workflow and she can easily figure out what needs to be done and how to make it work. Kimberly was an integral part of my previous company’s achievement of Inc. 500′s 26th fastest growing company. If you’re seeking to develop your business, I highly recommend getting Kimberly on board to create clarity, strategy and execution.

” ~ Bob Shenefelt, Founder of iMatter

"In working with Kimberly, the company now has leadership that was needed to get to the next level in our business.  Because of Kimberly we now have accountability, employees are happier, clients love us and we are now a profitable company.  Kimberly is one of the most encouraging people I have ever meet, and is amazing to work with. She is an asset that was a long time needed at our company." ~ Dana Quesada, Operations Manager, RCS International

"From the moment Kimberly and I began working together I was relieved that someone finally understood what I wanted...and then she took it to the next level! It's as if she understands my vision better than I do! Kimberly has provided an outstanding service that is professional and creative and I would highly recommend her!” – Shemane Nugent, Visionary 


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