Kim specializes in the following service offerings to help organizations turn their vision into profitable, impactful results through positive leadership:


Kim teaches workshops and offers courses based on the 17 success principles in Napoleon Hill's Science of Success, as well as private, one-on-one coaching for leaders.



Kim is a previous EOS® Implementor who provides coaching for leadership teams that are working with an EOS Implementor or self-implementing to fully experience the power of EOS®.



Kim serves as a Fractional Integrator and Leader for organizations who are utilizing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®)


I've had the pleasure of working with organizations nationwide Here's what my clients and colleagues have to say about my work:

"From the moment Kimberly and I began working together I was relieved that someone finally understood what I wanted...and then she took it to the next level! It's as if she understands my vision better than I do! Kimberly has provided an outstanding service that is professional and creative and I would highly recommend her!"

Shemane Nugent

"Kimberly was an integral part of my previous company’s achievement of Inc. 500′s 26th fastest growing company. If you’re seeking to develop your business, I highly recommend getting Kimberly on board to create clarity, strategy and execution."

Bob Shenefelt

"I recommend Kimberly to anyone who desires to make positive life changes and accomplish their goals. "

Bronson Arroyo
Major League Baseball Pitcher

"In working with Kimberly, the company now has leadership that was needed to get to the next level in our business. Because of Kimberly we now have accountability, employees are happier, clients love us and we are now a profitable company. Kimberly is one of the most encouraging people I have ever meet, and is amazing to work with. She is an asset that was a long time needed at our company."

Dana Quesada
RCS International

"Kim walks and breathes her work. Thank you Kim for taking the time to articulate a clear road map."

Shanda Sumpter
HeartCore Business

"It has been an honor to participate at the workshop. Your vision to slowly, yet so powerful reconnect with myself has truly inspired and helped me very much. You have a very simple approach, which makes it so easy for beginners like me to connect with new ways of thinking and looking at things. Finding myself during this whole process was a true treasure. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and vision with us."

Anja Geyer

"My experience with Kimberly’s course was life-changing. Throughout the workshop, I used the tools Kimberly presented and was able to realize what my gifts are and also realized that I actually am using my gifts every day. As a result, my change of perception led to a new business opportunity! Thank you so much for giving me the tools to help me realize my own potential."

Jennifer Schulte
Business Leader

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